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does acupuncture hurt


The answer is “yes”, but minimally.  The reality is that there is a needle being inserted into the body.  The nerve endings fire to let you know there is something there.  In fact, not feeling pain is dangerous.  Pain is subjective and depends on what is going on with the person.  Some people experience very little or no pain. Some people feel it more.  If you are stressed or very emotional you may experience pain more in general. 

Most people are afraid of acupuncture because they think a needle is entering their body. Modern experience with needles, in the West, is a thought of a hypodermic needle that is used at the doctor’s office or hospital.  Acupuncture needles are completely different and much thinner. In fact, you can fit many acupuncture needles in a hypodermic needle.  Acupuncture needles are solid filaments that are spun to a fine point, so as they enter the skin they part tissue.  A hypodermic needle is a hollow tube that is sliced to have a sharp edge to cut through a vessel, skin or muscle to inject a fluid into the body.