Yoga is commonly known as a form of exercise and stretching. This form is called hatha yoga (or physical practices), which uses asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing exercises) as the focus, and is one small aspect of what yoga is.

Yoga means "Union", and there are four major paths of yoga: Karma yoga-Yoga through selfless action (selfless service to others); Bhakti yoga-Yoga through devotion (to God or gods); Rhaja yoga-Yoga via scientific practices (where hatha yoga is a sub-branch); Jnana yoga-Yoga through wisdom, intellectual and philosophical processes

At Alternative Health Group LLC, we teach "Yoga of Union" set by Swami Sivananda. The Sivananda lineage is a traditional teaching that leads us to ourselves through the four paths of yoga. This lineage teaches us to follow all the paths and make the one that is most familiar and natural our predominant path but teaches us not to forget and practice the others. The classes are predominantly Hatha yoga.

Sivananda Yoga - An ancient lineage of yoga integrating all four paths of yoga: Bhakti, Karma, Raja & Jnana. This class is relaxing, meditative, core strengthening, & very spiritual. Stress relief for mind, body & spirit. ~ taught by Timothy Suh

Ashtanga & Hatha Vinyasa Yoga - Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic series of postures that flow one into another. Providing a high energy workout whose therapeutic effects align and purify the body. By synchronizing movement with the breath, this ancient system of yoga awakens the inner fire to cleanse and strengthen the body. The use of the breath in this practice oxygenates the blood helping circulation and bringing more blood to the brain in order to maximize clear thinking and full creativity. With an eclectic combination of pranayama, standing and sitting asanas, Ashtanga serves as a path to health, flexibility, strength, inner peace and balance through deep concentration. ~ taught by Rhiannon & Nina

Restorative Yoga - This restorative practice is designed to offer deep relaxation and is a perfect compliment to a more active yoga practice, as well as a perfect antidote to a stressful, frenetic lifestyle. ~ taught by Lyndsae

Beginnger/Intermediate Yoga - These classes are slightly slower paced and therefore perfect for first-timers wanting to explore yoga. Classes have a balance of strengthening and stretching postures, which vary depending on what the students needs are on any particular day. ~ taught by Audrey, Kassey & Abby