chinese herbs medicine

Chinese or Oriental Medicine is a 3,000 year old art form that treats imbalances of the body and mind. It is an art and science. Where conventional medicine divides, reduces and categorizes, Oriental Medicine treats patterns and establishes harmony. Oriental Medicine is a professional system of health care with specific systems of diagnosis and treatment. These time proven methods are based on thousands of years of clinical experience. Oriental Medicine deals with energetic properties of your body that at their most fundamental and abstract are called Yin and Yang. Ideally Yin and Yang are in balance and you are in harmony and free of pain and disease. When Yin and Yang become out of balance there is disharmony. You experience disharmony as pain or disease.

Oriental Medicine strives to restore balance and harmony by using modalities like acupuncture, electrical stimulation on meridians, moxibustion, tai chi & qigong, diet, and herbal therapy.

Herbal Therapy is one of the most powerful modalities. Chinese herbal therapy traditionally come in a formula that includes many herbs mixed together that create a balance that can be specific to a specific condition. Chinese herbal formulas can also be tailored to an individual and their condition. Herbs are very powerful and you should tell your practitioner if you are using any pharmaceutical medications to see if there are any interactions or synergistic effects when using herbs and pharmaceuticals