Food As Medicine


Here at Alternative Health Group we have a strong foundation of Food As Medicine.  

We follow what the Huang Di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic on Medicine) states from its first chapter.  “Sages of the past used to live well to 100 years because they followed the Way.  Eating and drinking was moderate.
  Rising and resting had regularity.
  They did not tax themselves with meaningless work.”

The basics:

  • Eat mindfully and not mindlessly. (Don’t watch TV or your phone or tablet while eating!)

  • Eat what feels good and not what makes you feel full.

  • Sometimes don’t eat.

  • When you are hungry drink some water, if you’re still hungry then eat.

  • Eat until you are 7/10 full.

  • Fast for 24-36 hours from time to time 1-3 times a week.

  • Ketogenic diet means a high good fat, moderate protein and low carb diet. (That means lots of vegetables, except starchy vegetables)

  • Be active but don’t over do it.

  • Listen to your body and deep mind, not your superficial, associative, obsessive mind.

We have helped many patients use food and fasting as medicine. Not only do they lose weight, they have more energy, less pain and better overall sense of well being.  

If you want us to help you with a comprehensive health program, request an appointment.