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I can give at least 10 amazing success stories with acupuncture.  Today I added another one.  After a week of the flu, and a cold that proceeded it, and a trip to Immediate Care two days ago for a sinus infection and steroid breathing treatment for a deep dry cough, I was still feeling miserable.  I was also having bad side effects to the prescription drugs.

Enter Luann Ray / Alternative Health Group.  Luann took a detailed report of my medical history in a very peaceful and private treatment room, and adjusted the table to a seated position to accommodate for my coughing fits.  The treatment itself was terrific and the aftermath even better.  

Luann made recommendations for my diet and Chinese herbs to help further clear the cough and sinuses.  6 hours following treatment and I feel like a new woman.  The horrible sinus pressure and headache is completely gone and my cough is nearly gone.  

Next time I'll skip the Immediate Care and/or Clinic and head straight to Luann.  Thank you, Luann.

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I can't believe I forgot to write a review.  Not after I had one of the single best health experiences of my life!!  Luann, Luann, with those healing hands.  I went there because I have chronic arthritis pain.  I've been working out for months and it has helped in some ways but I needed to really get to the center of my joint pain.  

I felt a connection with her immediately, such a great listener, she really understood what was going on with me.  Although I had come in for chronic pain I had also just gotten over the flu and still had a LOT of coughing and check congestion.  As soon as I stood up I could feel the difference.  Not only was there no joint pain, my coughing cleared up.  That was great, but would it last?  Yes!  I was pain free for an entire week!  AWESOME!  I went in for a follow up the next week, same result, no pain.  Now I've moved my appointment to once a month.  Can't wait to go back.  I should be able to start yoga soon!!!

(review from Yelp.com)

Dear Luann,  I was filled with hope and a new found energy after leaving your session. Well first I went home and passed out for 4 hours but that beside the point. Thank you. Some how you made me feel comforted, enough to release things that I wouldn't have been able to let go of without you. It's made room for more creativity and movement. I'm very grateful for humans like you. 

S. H. Chicago (review from Yelp.com)

I can't say enough good things about Christian at Alternative Health Group. I've been seeing Christian regularly for the past 6 months (or so) for acupuncture and cupping. I originally went in bc I was traveling every week for work and was subsequently dealing with pretty severe shoulder pain / stress, as well as digestive issues. Christian worked with me to not only tailor the acupuncture and cupping to help address these issues, but also took it a step further with guidance on foods I should consider having less often. What I appreciate most is that he is more than willing to explain exactly why he's doing what he's doing, and answer any question I have. I highly recommend Christian to anyone who is considering acupuncture, as well as to those who have had acupuncture elsewhere.

T. O. Chicago (review from Yelp.com)

In 2015, after a few years of working on my feet, I started my first "desk job." I had a terrible time adjusting and had a headache (turned migraine) for 6 straight weeks. I tried everything to get some relief. Or so I thought. I walked into my first appointment at AHG with my pain at an 8 or 9. I could barely be in a lit room and any sounds made me sick. After ONE treatment I walked out feeling 10000 times better. I did a few more sessions and my lifelong headaches were suddenly gone! Kyler & AHG are awesome...I recommend them all the time! I've had a few friends I've sent there who share the same sentiment. So glad I found AHG!!

S. D. Chicago (review from Yelp.com)

I have gotten acupuncture done at Alternative Health Group for different reasons: to assist with labor during a pregnancy and after surgery recovery. I have been working with Christian for post-surgery recovery and he has been amazing. He was very open to my needs and adjusted his strategy according to the symptoms that he observed. He was able to help me getting back to feeling healthy and normal. In terms of his professional style, I think that he approaches treatment in the most non-judgmental and rather open way. He makes recommendations, but is understanding that life has its complications. Overall, I am grateful for  the treatments that he has given me and would definitely recommend him.

M. P. Chicago (review from Yelp.com)

i've been coming to AHG for taiji, acupuncture and herbs for almost two years and have found a community of authentic, interesting and kind people. timothy suh is a rare kind of yoga and taiji teacher who speaks several languages and is very learned in many disciplines. there are also other great acupuncturists there, all very good people. this place is my center for physical and spiritual development.

C. W. Chicago (review from Yelp.com)

Started going to see Kyler in March of 2017 for Ulcerative Colitis issues and to regulate my period. First session was March 17th, and I noticed improvements THE NEXT DAY. I've continued to see her weekly for almost three months now, and have to say that my cycles are more regular and my UC symptoms have disappeared. I will add this was in conjunction with a diet change, supplements, and herbs. I really look forward to my Friday afternoon sessions and it is the most peaceful, relaxing hour of my week!

S. L. Wood Dale (review from Yelp.com)

Heidi is the greatest. I saw her beginning of 2014 when I was first trying to get pregnant. And she was absolutely on point with that and my food sensitivity.  It looked like I lost weight but I was no longer blotted.  And overall I felt and look good. Three months of seeing her, I was pregnant. And continued throughout my pregnancy.

I tried an office on Division St. prior to Heidi and is just not the same customer service and effectiveness. I moved to the burbs and that's the reason why I don't see her anymore but with my current acupuncturist, I miss Heidi tons and this is the reason why I am finally posting a review.

M. K. Chicago (review from Yelp.com)

"Dr. Tim is seriously a miracle worker. My insomnia had proved untreatable by western medicine. I had tried every pill imaginable. as well as other natural remedies. although I'm not very compatible with acupuncture (unfortunately...though I'm hoping for another go at it soon), Dr. Tim was able to recommend a couple different herbs, as well as diet and exercise changes. since i started working with Dr. Tim, my sleep and anxiety, as well as my overall well being, have been better than ever. I recommend him to everyone. my insomnia seemed like it was never going away, and now its MUCH improved. I'm sure everyone at the alt. health group is pretty amazing, but Dr. Tim is my go-to for pretty much everything. he's always available, and super quick to return all emails and phone calls. also seems to find a way to squeeze you into his schedule no matter what. I'm consistently impressed by him!"

M. H. Chicago (review from Yelp.com)

"I have seen Tim at Alternative Health Group. I was having a lot of trouble with pain and wasn't in great shape when I got there. Within 2 hours my troubles were "handled" and the treatment lasted at least a week. There is your information about results. Now, about the ever important human connection. Tim show'd a genuine interest in my health and my feelings about my health. This is a truly gentle, compassionate man who really cares about how you are feeling. He shows a great respect for you, your body and your feelings about your health care. His outlook is always positive and reassuring. What ever the reality may be I always leave feeling that everything wil be O.K. I really don't know what else you could ask or hope for. "

H. R. Chicago (review from Yelp.com)

"I have been going to alternative health for about a year now for acupuncture, acupressure, massage therapy and yoga. I cannot say enough about the staff and the environment; all good people doing good work. The environment is warm, unpretentious and approachable. I've been worked on by Daryl, Danielle, and Tim and I would and have recommended them to everyone I know. Do yourself a favor and check these guys out."

K. W. Chicago (review from Yelp.com)

"Yoga, Tai Chi, accupuncture, and Chinese medicine - just wonderful. Tim and the other staff are incredibly knowledgeable and kind."

Rise and Shine D. Chicago (review from Yelp.com)

"The Yoga classes here are unbelievably refreshing and centering! I have been attending class once a week since February because of the amazing results in my body and mind. Each class is between 75 and 90 minutes, includes an opening and closing prayer and a serious of gentle (yet sometimes strenuous) stretches that i can feel the impact of throughout the week. I love practicing yoga here, and look forward to it every week!"

My favorite 90 minutes every week!

"I cannot say enough good things about this place! They have such a great deposition, and I can feel the soothing energy as soon as I walk in (the incense smell does help). Their yoga classes are amazing with an attentive but patient instructor, Tim. I'm going to try Tai Chi soon (when I have time) and I'm looking forward to it. They also have a free art show (with FOOD!) once a month, and they accept donations for charity. They also have some great herbal remedies and Tim is also an acupuncturist. My friend had a sore throat once, and Tim took a look at it and told her what kind of herbs she needed to take. It worked, and she was thrilled because it saved her hundreds of dollars at the doc's office. If you're into Tai Chi, Yoga, or natural remedies, this is the perfect place to visit. They'll welcome anyone with open arms."

C. F. Chicago (review from Yelp.com)

"I came here every Monday for a while. I got out of work at 6 and the classes started at 6 also so I called him in advanced and he would actually start me off at 6:15 and usually his classes last way longer than an hour. He would ask me if there was anything wrong i.e my knees would sometimes hurt and he would help me w/ positions to mediate the problem. I need to start going again but it's a lot farther for me now."

M. C. Chicago (review from Yelp.com)

"I have been going to AHG for 1 yr now for both yoga and acupuncture. I have been helped tremendously by both programs. As a health care professional myself, I am very selective with the treaments and wellness programs I involve myself in. This facility is professional yet personal attending to your individual needs. The staff is involved with each client and truly enjoys assisting people through life. I highly recommend any service provided at this location."

Great attention to clients

"I started seeing Tim at the Alternative Health Group after my husband was seeing him for 5 months. I was a skeptic about acupuncture, despite growing up with very traditional Chinese remedies. My husband swears by Tim's sessions and what he offers as ways to treat his ailments. Always a non-trusting of what Western medicine had to offer, he gave acupuncture a shot. He was suffering from a variety of ailments, including digestive problems, lactose intolerance and sinus problems. He was willing to try anything. After religiously using a combination of acupuncture, change in diet and Chinese herbs, he has noticed a drastic improvement. Tim is essentially his primary physician now and helped him through an episode of kidney stones - non-evasively. I started seeing Tim in August after suffering similar sinus problems, specifically congestion in my ears that caused really loud ringing. I also was suffering from a heel spur that made it very painful for me to walk. I was at my breaking point and decided to give Tim a try. I can say now that I feel so much better, possibly even better than before seeing Tim. I adjusted my diet along with regular treatments and herbals. Can you believe that dairy was the root of my sinus problems? I cut that daily Starbucks (which was the hardest thing for me)and have slimmed down in weight, as a result. I highly recommend the Alternative Health Group. Tim and the rest of his staff are super friendly and knowlegeable. They will help you whatever your situation is and give you guidance towards the right path to better heath."

Wonderful Yoga

"Since my first meeting of the staff at Alternative Health Group, they have been above and beyond. I suffered from health issues on and off for quite a few years. With the guidance and devotion of Tim and his wonderful team I am now able to understand the "how's and why's" of my body. This facility is a gem in Wicker Park and a zen-like atmosphere in a world where finding peace is a rarity. I have been going to Alternative Health Group for almost a year now and I recommend them highly to all that I know. If you are looking for a staff of health specialists that know how to treat you and your body 110% phenomenal, then this is the place for you!"