tai chi

Cupping is a therapy designed to stimulate the flow of blood and Qi within the superficial muscle layers. It is used for sore muscles, tension, neck pain and the common cold. In this therapy, your acupuncturist will place small glass or plastic "cups" over specific areas on your body. A vacuum is created under the cup using heat or suction. They may be moved over an affected area or left in place. You may leave the office looking as though a large octopus gave you a big hug. There is no need for alarm. The slight redness will quickly dissipate.

The science behind cupping is that it is a form of myofascial release caused by the vacuum pulling instead of the traditional pushing of manual therapy. This pulling on the skin and fascia helps lymph move and muscle and fascia release any tension that built up from use or trauma. Cupping is used as part of a comprehensive treatment plan or as a stand alone treatment.

Cupping is performed by all our practitioners.