• 5 loosening exercises
  • Cheng Man Ching Short Form, 1-3 Years
  • Yang Cheng Fu Long Form, after 3 years
  • 2 person exercise: 8 Basic Push Hands Exercises by Huang Sheng Shyan
  • Meditation: Various Guided
  • Principles: Various focuses by class


Relax, Deep Mind

Relax, Deep Mind is accessible to all Taiji practitioners. It covers the philosophy, principles and history of Taiji, along with a clear explanation of its practice methods. With nearly 200 detailed photographs, Patrick Kelly demonstrates Master Huang Xingxian's 5 loosening exercises and Grand Master Zheng Manqing's (Cheng Man-Ching's) 37-move short Yang form along with illustrated explanations of the basic pushing hands exercises.

Infinite Dao

Infinite Dao is an account spanning 35 years of Patrick Kelly's experiences as he met and practiced under the guidance of Daoist, Sufi and Yogi sages. It introduces the important principles and practices within their historical settings, colored inevitably by the natures of those remarkable people. A quality hardcover publication, at more than 300 pages it incorporates the previously published books 'Taiji Secrets' and 'Daoist Principles in Practice'.